Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kindergarten Mondrian Primary Colors

Kindergarteners were introduced to Piet Mondrian by watching a fun YouTube video that allows the students to go into Broadway Boogie Woogie. Each year I tweak this project so here are the 3 different ways my students have worked with red, yellow, and blue!

5th grade Value Still Life

A cone, cylinder and sphere and a light source are all the 5th graders needed to create these 3D forms. The last 2 years I just used charcoal pencil on white paper but this year we used colored construction paper and then stacked them. You decide which is more interesting!

2nd Grade Warm, Cool, Neutral Cityscape

2nd graders showed knowledge of warm, cool, and neutral colors by applying them to a crayon resist sunfilled sky and water way with tempera cakes. Students got to create neutral skyscrapers and boats for the harbor too!

3rd Grade Jim Dine Color Family Hearts

3rd graders demonstrated color families and used Jim Dine as their inspiration. As you can see the students drew 6 hearts and then filled them with oil pastels. Can you find the warm heart? Cool, neutral, primary, secondary, and then one pair of complementary colors.

1st Grade ROYGBIV Shape Weavings

1st graders were introduced to my friend Roy...Roy G Biv. The learned about the scientific process that creates this color order as well. We worked to paint a small beginning shape in red and then repeated that shape in ROYGBIV order till they reached the edge. The 1st graders then used a ruler as a straight edge to draw lines across the paper their hotdog folded paper. They cut their own slits! We also drew lines on the back of their paintings and then numbered the strips. The children cut their painting up into strips and weaved them in backwards order.

4th Grade Thiebaud Value Cakes

Happy Birthday to??? The 4th grade objective in December was to apply value to create the illusion of 3D form. The children got to view Wayne's cakes, candies, and other goodies on a slideshow and then we practiced drawing a cylinder. The students used oil pastels to create their scrumptious baked goods.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

5th Grade Observational Drawing of Insects

I found a lesson on the Getty about Durer's Stag Beetle and Baldessari's Specimen and loved the connection to historical art, contemporary art, and the visual thinking piece as well. I used the lesson to get the 5th graders ready to do an observational drawing of an insect of their choice. I introduced the students to some observational drawing strategies and on the last day, students were walked through peer evaluation of other insect drawings and then finished with their own self evaluation of their insect drawing. I think the rubric needs tweaked so if you have any thoughts, feel free to offer them!

Click on the link below to see the Getty lesson.

Drawing Rubric and Extension questions